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    Clearing PeopleSoft Application Server Cache without shutting it down

    How to clear PeopleSoft Application Server Cache without shutting it down?
    Is this even possible?
    The answer is NO; but YES if you are just looking for not accessing the old cache collected earlier.

    To delete the PeopleSoft app server cache, normally we shut down the application server services and delete the contents under $PS_HOME/appserv/{domain}/cache folder.

    A workaround to invalidate the cache is to run the below SQL in the database environment to which we require Cache to be cleared:

    This will fool the system and will ignore the cache collected earlier.
    Courtesy: Google Search(not sure of the original author)

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    1. I found the info on finding the component to which a process is attached especially useful. I also find your blog approach to saving useful information very clever. I may begin doing the same -- thus making some of my clever solutions easily findable by myself and others.


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