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    Getting PIA's default Process Output Directory

    How to find the path of PIA's default Process Output directory?
    Delivered SQC's help to retrieve the path of Process Output directory irrespective of the module and PeopleTools version.
    Functions in delivered getlogou.sqc can be used to post reports from a sqr.

    Two functions in this sqc:·

    1) get-prcsoutputdir gives the output destination from the PSPRCSPARMS record. Output destination can be retrieved from the vairable $prcsoutputdir ·

    2) get-logoutputdir-value gives the process output directory from the PSPRCSPARMS record

    Both functions require, #prcs_process_instance(stdapi.sqc) to be declared in the SQR.

    Alternatively without using the above two functions and just by including stdapi.sqc we can get the output destination using process instance from this sql:

    WHERE PRCSINSTANCE = #prcs_process_instance

    The log output directory contains folders that are posted to the report repository. The naming convention for these folders is: ProcessType_ProcessName_ProcessInstance

    SQRs call a procedure (generally during Init-Report procedure or similar ones) that receives $prcs_process_instance value from Process Scheduler when the program is being run from within the PeopleSoft (Process Scheduler) system. In other cases, the procedure sets $prcs_process_instance to 0(zero). The call to StdAPI-Init procedure in STDAPI.SQC retrieves the process instance. The procedure also sets the values of $prcs_oprid and $prcs_run_cntl_id. These are the keys to the run control table to be used in PeopleSoft run control page. Process Instance is not required as a key field in the run control record while $prcs_oprid and $prcs_run_cntl_id must be made as key fields.

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