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    Creating a folder from SQR

    There are no system commands in SQR which allows creation of a folder. If a folder has to be created from a SQR then we can use call system to accomplish this.

    Let us say if MyFolder is what needs to be created in 'C' drive then the Sample code to Create a folder from SQR is:

    Let $folder = 'C:\MyFolder'
    Let $cmd = 'mkdir ' $folder
    call system using $cmd #status


    1. But i ddi not find that code executed.
      can u pls help me out in creating a new folder in C:\drive from SQR.

    2. Tried ur code in sqr.
      it is unable to create new folder.
      Can u help it out.

      thx in advance

      1. Hi Keerthi,
        I believe you must be running SQRs in Unix server. The above command creates a folder from running NT server. I am not sure, if you would be checking this here again, please share your contact details further in case of any issues.

    3. hi shyam..i tried your code...its not working..i have #if def NT statement to check for NT server also..its still the same...do you have any suggestions please?


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